Welcome Post: Why I created Healthcare Pizza?

Hello world. First off, thank you for choosing to read this blog. Whether it was the “Healthcare” or “Pizza”, I am honored to write for you. As you’ve probably ascertained, I want the tone of the blog to be creative, fun, and full of pizza puns. My goal is to fill a hunger about digital health and healthcare innovation space, serving up slices of weekly health-related insights in an easily digestible format. Think of this as a super bootleg version of reidhofman.org (founder of Paypal and LinkedIn), for healthcare instead of tech, without any of the accolades, experience, wealth, or intelligence.

My overall goal is talk about the state of healthcare innovation, but also encourage investors to re-calibrate their expectations of startup founders for the greater good of the country. We have a big issue at hand, that doesn’t require another food delivery or artisan coffee maker startup, no offense. Stop deploying capital towards quick wins, and instead, help us figure out how the country will be sustainable for another 100 years. We as a nation have a $3.7 trillion problem that is consistently growing 4-6%, outpacing general inflation by 2 or 3 times.

And this blog is not just for business or computer science majors. All of my friends delivering actual patient care (nurses, doctors, physical therapists, etc.), should also be part of the equation that is looking to innovate on status quo. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare employment is projected to grow 14% from 2018 to 2028, adding more jobs than any other occupational group. This is mainly due to the aging of our beloved baby booming population. Real institutional change will take everyone’s input and buy-in.

One last thing that I’d like to get across is that I’m not perfect. Shocking I know, but I have flaws and biases. Some of which I’ve written below, in case you run across an article where you fervently disagree.

  1. I am an avid supporter of value-based care and risk-based payment models. Not naive to the existing challenges faced by the industry, but still believe it is one of the only reasonable path forward to bend cost.
  2. I am an employee of Evolent Health, a company who paved the way for healthcare technology companies to meaningfully partner with providers and health plans in value-based care. However, none of my posts or opinions describe the company’s position or views.
  3. I am slightly more founder friendly than investor friendly. I do have admiration for thoughtful investors, but I fundamentally believe starting and scaling a healthcare company is infinitely harder than investing in one.
  4. I am the firm believer that technology is the future of everything. However, I also do not believe that technologists will be successful alone. Silicon Valley, people like me are your best friends.
  5. I am a believer in vaccines and public health. Dare I say, the social determinants of health. I was studying the ~80% of factors (genetics, socioeconomic, environment, behaviors, etc.) that affect outcomes before it became a buzzword and investable thesis. Therefore, I will not only talk about things doctors and hospitals can do.

In closing, thank you again. I’ve long wanted to write a blog, just needed the right time and understanding of the market. Important to note, I am an amateur growth hacker, who learned his tricks on the harsh lands of French Bulldogs and Instagram (long story). Therefore, I will not create content that no one reads. So if you want to support, please comment, like, share, and sign-up for email notifications. That is the only way I can continue. And lastly, if you’re a founder, investor, executive, or head of marketing looking to sponsor a healthcare blog (wink-wink), I’d be happy to speak with you. Shoot me an email or LinkedIn message. Over and out.

Andy Mychkovsky is the creator, writer, and head chef at Healthcare Pizza. In addition to working for a healthcare technology company and advising startups / investors on a variety of digital health topics, he lives in Arlington, VA with his wife and future French Bulldog.


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John - November 7, 2019

This is fantastic! Congratulations to Andy and the team on starting the blog. Really excited to see where you all go with this information and strategy.

    healthcarepizzablog - November 8, 2019

    Hi John,

    First off, thank you for the kind words. I really appreciate your level of excitement and encouragement on the topic, and look forward to covering other interesting topics. Secondly, is there a particular aspect of healthcare startups that most interests you? Always looking for new content areas.


Sarah - November 7, 2019

Great article. I 100% agree about the problem at hand. Particularly love the quote, “We as a nation have a $3.7 trillion problem that is consistently growing 4-6%, outpacing general inflation by 2 or 3 times.” I hope that both existing companies and new technology firms work together to improve health outcomes for everyone.

    healthcarepizzablog - November 8, 2019

    Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for the support! Unfortunately, I don’t know if the healthcare growth rate will decrease anytime soon, with most actuarial reports I’ve read projecting 6% medical trend increases in 2020. I also hope that startups continue to receive funding, because we need more ideas to achieve scale economics and clinical effectiveness.


Max @ Max Out of Pocket - March 9, 2020

Hi Andy – looking forward to some easily digestible reading on one of my favorite topics. Although, Pizza does tend to give me indigestion. Keep up the good work, Sir.



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