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6 Unsung Hospital Heroes Fighting COVID-19

Today I want to salute the hospital workers who get overlooked by media during the COVID-19 pandemic. This list is not all-encompassing and is in addition providers like physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses. I hope this serves as a friendly reminder to give credit to staff beyond the physician and nurse. And if any of your friends or family work in the professions below, buy them a jumbo slice from me.

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Restaurants Closing, Workers Scrambling

If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter. Hi friends, I hope you’re staying safe and avoiding public areas. This past week a reader messaged asking why the blogs have become so long (1,000-1,5000 words) if my mission was to deliver digestible slices of information. I have no good answer, so here’s what I’m doing about it: I promise to keep the word count below 750 words (this one’s 741). That only takes 3-5 mins to read. We’ll try it out and hey, if we like it, we will keep it. Now back to healthcare!

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My Journey To Building Healthcare Pizza

Happy Tuesday friends. We’re back at it again, this time to kill two birds with one stone. Over the past few months I’ve heard from friends (new and old) and far-distant online stalkers asking about why I started a blog and what I’m up to? Instead of having the same conversation over-and-over, I decided to just write out the answer. I even include a bonus section in the beginning about how I initially started a career in healthcare. Hope you enjoy.

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Is Coronavirus Good or Bad for Telemedicine?

Hello again friends. The entire world is obsessed with talking about coronavirus or COVID-19, so why not me? One thing I’ve noticed is a lot of people speculating how the coronavirus could affect the American healthcare system. Honestly, it remains up in the air at this point, but it’s interesting to talk about. For example, health insurance stocks were hit hard, with the S&P 500 Managed Health Care sector falling more than 15% last week. I suppose this makes rationale sense to some degree. A health plan cannot easily increase their premium revenue for 2020, given that it is a capitated per member per month (PMPM) fee, so their  medical loss ratio (MLR) might be higher than expected due to hospitalizations and emergency visits. Later on I’ll discuss whether it’s not just health insurance companies that should be worried…

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Can Startups Save Primary Care?

Today, primary care is considered the bees’ knees of value-based care delivery. Instead of being viewed as the punter of the football team, the primary care physician (PCP) has become the quarterback of the patient’s care team, calling plays for both clinical and social services. The entire concept of the accountable care organization (ACO) or patient-centered medical home (PCMH) crumbles without financially- and clinically-aligned PCPs. This sea change has resulted in rapid employment or alignment to health systems, as well as a surge in venture capital being invested into the primary care space.

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